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FastCast - The rise of non-subscription

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It’s not “new” news that webcasting companies have adapted their models to get more and more clients on a repeat subscription for their services. And it doesn’t end there - subscribers are constantly bugged for upsells on additional services.

But what if your company model doesn’t fit in with THEIR baseline model? What if it’s still too much to pay and would tie up too much money for a year’s worth of webcasting upfront? What if you just don’t want to be on a subscription?!

We are the only premium level webcasting company to offer a straight up non-subscription plan. No hidden fees and no “price range” for bigger companies, just one affordable price for all.

Join our webcast to learn about our alternative to greedy competitors. We will:

  • Discuss subscription vs non-subscription
  • Call out on hidden prices
  • Discuss turnaround times
  • Lay it all out on the table for you to see.

We truly are that confident about our services with nothing to hide. Seriously, try us in our live Q&A!

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