In-Depth, Real-Time Analytics

Profitable marketing relies on insight and analysis, the devil really is the detail. With our fully comprehensive reporting and analytics tools, you will never be short of insight from your webinar programme again. The analytics dashboard provides a top-level overview of all the core metrics, while custom reporting allows you to drill down into the data you need – in real time.

Attendee-level reporting
Every single interaction with the Webinar is tracked, so you have full visibility of each and every attendee’s behavioural and engagement data – from polls and surveys to content interaction and use of social media.

Webinar-level reporting
In addition to tracking and recording individual interactions, we provide you with in-depth Webinar-level reporting. You will have access to registration sources, conversion rates, and an array of additional metrics, all designed to allow you to measure the overall performance of individual webinars.

Campaign-level reporting
Whether you decide to run a consecutive Webinar Series, or broadcast multiple events as part of a larger-scale campaign, our campaign-level insight provides the data to assess performance across all webinars. This data will prove invaluable as you streamline and refine your marketing campaign strategy, or chart performance against previous campaigns.

With our industry sector-specific benchmarking, we put your personal webinar data and insight into a real-world context, benchmarking performance against your business peers and competitors. Put simply; this anonymous information lets you see how your numbers compare to the industry average.

Whatever your data requirements, we have the analytics to match.

Extend this insight even further by  integrating your webinar reporting with your Marketing Automation and CRM tools.
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Used by thousands of companies worldwide

Used by thousands of companies worldwide