Integration with CRM & Marketing Automation

Sales Teams and Marketers have never had such an abundance of choice when it comes to CRM systems, data warehousing solutions, lead-conversion tracking, marketing automation programmes, and sales funnel software.

These decisions can often lead to an integration nightmare; X is compatible with Y, but Y can’t communicate with Z, and Z can’t pull information from X, while X, Y, and Z all report in a different format etc. etc...

247 Webcasting won’t add to this confusion. Whatever system you use, we will integrate with it.

Our platform tools gather a huge amount of registrant and attendee data, all of which can feed into your marketing automation or CRM tools for highly effective lead nurturing, lead qualification, and conversion analysis, enabling you to determine sales-readiness, and the optimal time to pass your prospects to sales.

You can say goodbye to excel sheets and manual reporting, and never again miss a lead or an opportunity.

Integration with CRM & Marketing Automation
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Used by thousands of companies worldwide

Used by thousands of companies worldwide